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OUR Center, August 18, 2018

Book Club:

The book club will be reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and meeting on October 20th at 9:00 am.   Interested?  Email Linda at Lrehme@outlook.com

Operation Christmas Child Update:

While you are shopping for the Operation Christmas Child gifts for boys 10 to 14- years old, there are a few items that we cannot send.  Those are: nothing liquid—including white glue, nothing edible, no knives or gun-like toys.  Brightly colored water pistols are ok.  Remember, everything needs to fit into a standard-size shoe box.  The donation basket is in the church lobby.


Electronic Giving:  

Many of us are trying to simplify our lives.  One way to do that would be to use the tech-giving options COS leadership offers to give your offerings to the Lord.  You may give online via our web page at www.coslongmont.org or via text at 720-619-3399.   You will still receive quarterly statements of giving but may “save a tree” by not picking up a box of envelopes that you don’t use.  Many folks do decide to give online or via text message as a “green” alternative.


Sermons Online

Weekly sermon videos are available!  Click on Sermon Videos in the navigation bar bottom left, right here at:



ekly Words

Last time = Sadducees:   

A conservative religious party among the Jews who held that only the written LAW was binding.  They did not accept oral traditions or the body of interpretation which the Pharisees had developed to supplement the LAW.  

Next time:  Gate

Prayer  is a vital part of the Christ Our Savior ministry.  Our Prayer Group wants to pray for your concerns and praise the Lord for the good He is doing in your life.  Please use one of the Prayer Sheets placed in your Worship Folder each Sunday to share your prayer requests. They will be made known to and prayed for by our E-Mail Prayer Group. (Mike C will add your name to the list per request.)  If you would like your request included in Sunday morning prayers, you may speak to Pastor John to have your concern placed on his list.



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