We Filled a Stable Again

Dear Friends,

Ramatou Ousseini lives in Niger, West Africa, where drought and food shortages are all too common.

But through LWR, Ramatou received a goat to raise and breed. When her goat had kids, she kept two babies and passed the mother on to another family in need.

 As more goats are born:

  • More children have milk to drink.
  • More families have goats to sell.
  • And with the additional income:
  • More children are going to school.
  • More women are able to build up savings.
  • And some have even started small businesses to provide for their families.

FROM:  Jeff Whisenant, Interim President & CEO Lutheran World Relief

Last Advent Season Christ Our Savior gave Jesus one more gift (and ourselves one less) through our stable bank project.  We raised over $2,700 which was sent to LWR to purchase animals for people like Ramatou.  The smile on her face says it all—thank you for so enthusiastically supporting this project!