How to Use a "Holey" Water Bottle

What could be more useless than a water bottle with a hole in it?  Toss it into the recycle bin—but not if you attend Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church (COS), 640 Alpine Street, Longmont, Colorado.  At Christ Our Savior a water bottle with a hole in it becomes a bank to hold coins that will buy a Christmas present for Jesus.

 Christ Our Savior’s children joined the Advent Conspiracy and soon the adults were following the children’s lead.  Advent Conspiracy was started in 2006 by five pastors who decided to make Christmas a revolutionary event by encouraging their faith communities to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All. The response was overwhelming and the Conspiracy was born.

 The children took their “holey” water bottles home and filled them with coins that would buy Jesus a Christmas Present.  In order to have the money to fill their bottles the children were encouraged to ask for one less Christmas present and to give that present to Jesus by giving it to others. 

 The questions arose, who should we give the money to?  The COS Leadership team provided the answer, “let’s give the money to people in the world who do not have clean water”.  According to The Guardian, “ Dirty water kills 5,000 children per day.”

 On Christmas Eve the children dumped their water banks and filled a bucket with over $300 in coins.  Donations continued to “pour” in for the next two month until over $3,000 was raised.  The money is now on its way to Lutheran World Relief, an international non-profit organization, which works to end poverty and injustice by empowering some of the world's most impoverished communities to help themselves.  The amount donated will build a well in seven different villages, providing clean water to those who currently have none.


Gifts of water through Lutheran World Relief ( ) range from $35 for an emergency water filter,  to $500 to buy a well, to $2,500 to buy an irrigation system for a field—a water bottle with a hole in it can be your favorite bottle of all—just ask the children of Christ Our Savior.