Guatemala Mission

2017 Mission Trip Slide Show

Christ Our Savior has prayerfully entered into a commitment to the village of Choval, Guatemala for a period of five years.  In 2015 our Mission Team made the first trip to the village.  We are partnering with the Central American Missionary Society (CALMS) and a California congregation to make yearly visits to learn about the area and its people and to find the best ways to show the love of Christ to the people. 

We have now sent three teams comprised of COS members of all ages and backgrounds.  They have ranged from retirees to a young man entering eighth grade. Each year the Team spends months in preparation for the trip.  They always find that their best laid plans are augmented or changed by God to make each trip a success.

Among the successes are the provision of hundreds of toothbrushes to the residents for whom this is a luxury.  A much more visible success was the two year project to finance and furnish a community center for the village.  They have packed suitcases with Spanish language Bibles, Sunday School materials and school supplies.  Another big hit was the year they brought soccer balls to given to the men and boys. 
One success that touched the heart of all was finding a baby named Jamison who was hidden from view because he was born with a cleft palate.  The Team fell in love with this little boy and helped facilitate the surgery to correct his condition.  

We look forward to seeing what God has in store in the coming years.  If you would like to learn more or to even consider becoming a member of our Mission Team phone the Church Office at 303-776-1789 for more information.